A Brief History Of Designer Fashion

Fashion design combines design and aesthetics to clothes and accessories. It can be influenced by almost anything. In fact, the reason why most fashion designers wear what appears to be a uniform, is because they are so busy looking around themselves to find inspiration to spend a ton of time on their own wardrobes. In

Designers of Men’s Fashion Clothing

Men consider fashion statements just as much as women. Men don’t talk about shopping much but are concerned with the way they look. Many of them don’t take the issue seriously, but they all put on clothes to be fashionable or for some other reason. Whether indoors or outdoors, or for any function, men choose

Finding a Fashion Industry Internship

In the search for a fashion industry career, the internship is key. Securing a fashion internship is so important, in fact, that many internships are built into educational programs and you can’t graduate without one. What’s the scoop on internships, and what can you do to get one? Picturing a fashion internship in New York

Watches – Biggest Fashion Accessory!

Our obsession with watches starts at a very young age, when our parents buy us the cutie electronic watches which have all cartoon characters on these, then start the really funky watches that maybe quality challenged, but as teenagers, quality and price rarely matters what matters is that these are funk, stylish and really hep.

Why Animal Print Has Never Gone Out of Fashion

Animal print has never and, arguably, will never go out of fashion simply because it reminds us of a time when, as hunter-gatherers, we would envelop and adorn ourselves in the warmth and wonder of genuine exotic skins. Fashion has embraced this deep-seated connection with animal style prints and clothes and accessories remain crafted from

Men’s Cardigans – A New Fashion Revolution

The cardigan has long been a staple item of clothing in the wardrobe of many a woman – but, while cardigans have always been a unisex staple of knitwear, the men’s cardigan has recently experienced a fashion resurrection. In fact, the men’s cardigan is one of this year’s most essential male fashion items. But this

Jeans – The Current Jeans Fashion Trends

Some say a woman’s wardrobe cannot be without ladies’ jeans, others say the opposite. Well it all depends where you might be wearing your jeans to. Your own personality could be a big factor whether you should be wearing jeans or not. If you feel comfortable and you look at your own personal autograph (the

Fashion Trends For Kid’s Winter Clothing

As all fashion trends are featured in all types of clothing, this should be kept in mind when embarking on children’s clothing; that is if you are indeed fashionably. Ideally, the trends, cuts and styles of the season and year are always portrayed in children’s clothing so you won’t have to worry about finding main

Fashion Tips For the Chubby Chic

When we say fashion, one would easily link it to women. And as we picture woman and fashion together, the first image that will to your mind is a beautiful woman with a slim and sexy figure. So, does it mean that fashion are for slim women only? Definitely not! Whether you are slim or